Share in our unmistakable passion for food – from sumptuous feasts on the breakfast terrace or light lunches served at our poolside bar, to fine dining at our renowned restaurant.

After starting the day with a leisurely breakfast at Latitudes, mornings drift effortlessly into perfect poolside afternoons and light meals and drinks from George’s Bar. As shadows lean towards evening, guests return from the beach to mingle over cocktails, before dining in the candle-lit glow of Efisia, one of the island’s top tables.

Our Executive Chef is a true artisan whose creative style of cuisine combines classic culinary traditions with a contemporary sensitivity to the Mediterranean art of cooking. Using only the finest farm-to-table ingredients and the fishermen’s catch of the day, his distinctive touch transforms even the simplest meal into a sophisticated gourmet experience that fuses purity and seasonal flavours.

On the strength of our own Myconian roots, and as one of the island’s pre-eminent families in hospitality, we have time-honoured ties to local farmers and fishermen, some going back three decades. Organic tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, zucchini, peppers, onion, garlic, lemons, and aromatic herbs such as sage, thyme, oregano and rosemary, are grown exclusively for our restaurants. Even the salt is the finest fleur de sel harvested around the island of Delos. Our two ‘underground’ sources provide us with secret supplies: the octopus in one of our signature dishes is delivered by Panagiotis, an old friend of George Daktylides who knows the waters around Rhenia like the back of his hand and only fishes for himself and our chef. And of course, since retiring as CEO of the Myconian Collection in 2011, Daktylides himself has taken to rearing our lamb and pork on family land. (more about Our Family History)